Meet the Team


Anna Brookman – Head of Studio

Anna’s love of creativity and curiosity in to how things work lead her to the world of game development.  She is Head of Studio at Cabochon, as well as lead developer for the current project.

Daniel Yehezkeli – Audio Engineer and Lead Composer

Daniel is an experienced video game composer, talented musical producer, and seasoned audio and mixing Engineer.  After working on various albums and productions, he is our Audio Engineer and Lead Composer.


Michael McCallin – Visual Director and Lead Concept Artist

A seasoned traveller, Michael was born in Scotland, and has lived in Holland and America.  He graduated in 2012 with a BA Honours in Animation, and since then he’s been a freelance digital artist.  He created the logo for  clothing brand ‘Hab Shab’, a book of remembrance, and premiered his self published book at McM Midlands Expo 2016.
Mike now works as our lead concept artist on this exciting project.

Rami Araar – Programmer

Rami is an up and coming young developer and programmer.  When he’s not writing code and fixing bugs he can be found dominating the League of Legends servers.


Steve Smith – Community Manager









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